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Discover the art of enjoying everyday life while saving water and energy.

Prosan products are made of high-quality and most durable materials, with an elegant and minimalist design.

Bathroom faucets, shower heads, shower panels

Raziščite pipe in prhe ter druge izdelke za kuhinjo in kopalnico. Poiščite nasvete in ideje. Izbira med oblikami vam omogoča izbiro popolne pipe za vašo kopalnico ali kuhinjo.

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Quality bathroom and kitchen Prosan

We know you love and enjoy water, so we design faucets and fixtures so you can get the most out of it. Water belongs to all of us, at most we help you enjoy it.

Designed to be innovative and professional with high quality and most durable materials.



We create and design your moments of relaxation in your bathroom.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a place where all family members gather and enjoy cooking

Bathroom and kitchen equipment

Bathroom and Kitchen Ideas

We have some great bathroom and kitchen ideas for your next project. We are happy to offer you the best tips and tricks to create or maintain your beautiful bathroom and kitchen.

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The extremely elegant Prosan Ocean shower system combines chrome-plated stainless steel, an innovative switch and a chrome-white design. Installation is simple, and the shower head and shower handle ensure a comfortable and flexible shower.

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