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We know you love to enjoy the water, so Prosan designs water equipment so you can get the most out of it. Water belongs to all of us, at most we help you enjoy it. Designed to be innovative and professional with high quality and most durable materials.

With the help of advanced knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and close cooperation with partners, the company adapts solutions that, with their quality and long-term existence, serve and take care of the user and the environment. That is why the company is committed to finding advanced solutions that exceed expectations in every way.

Prosan is a small, innovative and ambitious company that creates innovative (patented) solutions in the field of bathroom and kitchen equipment.

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Inspired by water, designed with love.

When water carves our products, we create and design your moments of relaxation in your bathroom.

Our bathrooms are a place where water comes together with the art of living. In water we find all aspects of existence and inspiration for our bathroom equipment.

Water and experience carve our products.

Ideas for the bathroom and kitchen

We create and design your moments of relaxation in your bathroom.

We have some great bathroom and kitchen ideas for your next project. We are happy to offer you the best tips and tricks to create or maintain your beautiful bathroom and kitchen.

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