Faucet for bathtub or shower, Prosan Ocean Lux

Armatura za kopalno kad / prho Prosan Ocean Lux. OCEAN LUX enoročna armatura za tuš ali kad z gibljivim izlivom in preklopom, kvaliteta Prosan

128,47 with tax

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OCEAN LUX single-lever faucet for shower or bathtub with flexible spout and switch, Prosan quality

Technical information:

  • Color: chrome
  • Spout length: 110 mm
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Distance between connectors: 150 ± 10 mm
  • Connection dimensions: DN15
  • With a built-in switch in the spout
  • Warranty 5 years

    The fitting is without shower hose and shower.