Top Tips for Creating a Luxury Bathroom

Find out the best tips and ideas for creating a perfect luxury bathroom that meets your standards for a private wellness sanctuary. 

Small luxury details 

To design a perfect luxury bathroom you will need to take care of several details. High-tech bathroom accessories and details such as soft close options on toilet seats, drawers, and cabinet doors make every task in the bathroom smooth. 

Bathroom faucets  

Our high-quality bathroom faucets are made from the most endurable materials and innovatively designed to keep up with the professional standards of the industry. These specifications are carefully curated to meet the level of luxury for a perfectly styled bathroom, while we make sure our products are carved by water and outstanding experience. 

Here at Prosan, we understand that enjoying the water is essential, therefore our bathroom faucets are designed to make the most of your bathing and showering experience. Although water belongs to us all, we help you enjoy it the most, and therefore we make our bathroom designs just like water: fluid soft & long-lasting.

Luxury bathroom materials 

To make your bathroom luxurious, materials are essential. We recommend investing in quality materials such as stone and solid wood. Because of their quality, marble, limestone, and travertine are very popular choices in luxury bathrooms. For a seamless finish, decorate your walls and floors with the same or matching materials. 



Prosan luxury bathrooms


As water shapes our products, we tend to create and design them so that your personal bathroom experience is the most pleasant one. The way how we used bathrooms has changed. Nowadays, it’s not only the space for basic hygienic needs, but it’s also becoming everyone’s private wellness sanctuary. We are featuring elegantly and high-quality designed taps and showers, benefiting from the finest and latest European engineering. Our bathrooms are a place where water comes together with the art of living. Inspired by water designed with passion.




Tips for the luxury bathroom: 


  • invest in quality materials
  • pay attention to details
  • find perfect bathroom fittings 
  • design with style 
  • find an experienced partner as Prosan to help you design and decorate your bathroom

Prosan is a professional and innovative producer for bathroom and kitchen fittings. Our mission is to produce professional, quality, modern and innovative bathroom and kitchen appliances. We stand for key values such as ecological thinking, life-long learning, improving our patents and products, following modern trends in decorating bathrooms, and kitchens. 



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