What does a woman’s custom bathroom contain?



We all remember when our bathrooms were just a room in our house or apartment that was used for essential hygiene necessities. Back then, we didn’t bother much how much aesthetic the room looked like, or was it equipped properly enough to spend more than 10 to 15 minutes in it. 

Nowadays, this once most basic place in the house is becoming, especially for women, a small wellness oasis and an escape from the stress of everyday life.

Simple, beautiful, functional bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, it is every woman’s dream having a  functional, tastefully decorated space, with enough storage for all necessities, and ultimately, that is easy to maintain and clean. 

Hence, it isn’t hard to believe that the bathroom is the most often decorated or renovated room in almost every home.

Why is that so?

For some people, it is simply aesthetics, they want a nicely decorated bathroom that is pleasant to the eye, not just to the people who use it every day, but for the occasional guests as well. For others, the reason is different: a tastefully decorated bathroom often skyrockets the price of the real estate in the market. 

What’s the downside of a beautiful bathroom? It takes a lot of patience to curate it, and decorate it, but focusing on the end result will reduce any stress you experience in the process, and the hard work ultimately pays off. 


 It’s important to have a bathroom that makes you smile in the mirror every morning.”


In any case, a functional and tastefully decorated bathroom brings more pros than cons. 

The perfectly arranged bathroom 

Whether you want to redecorate or tidy up your bathroom, how you arrange it is the most important thing. Good organization at the beginning of this process is key: choosing the appropriate furniture that will fit the space just right and become your future perfect bathroom. 

Normally, every bathroom is spatially different, so you should make significant decisions like “bath, shower or both” at the very beginning. 

Hence, it is advisable to think for the foreseeable future, at least a decade or so in advance, because a bathroom is not a room you renovate annually. Find an ideal solution that works for you. If you do not have the opportunity to have both, consider whether you prefer more: long baths and candlelight relaxing sessions, or 10-minute showers that wash away all the daily problems and stress.

When decorating a bathroom, there are 3 things women find of utmost importance:

  • Tiles
  • Lighting
  • Faucets

Bathroom Tiles: classic or trendy

When decorating the bathroom, choosing the tiles comes at the very beginning. It is no secret every woman dreams of spending less time home cleaning, so it is logical to pick tiles that are easier to maintain.

When choosing tiles, women usually opt for a classic design that never “goes out of fashion”, but sometimes it is necessary to think outside the box. Pick something from the wide range of different designs, shapes, and colors that will make your little sanctuary personalized and unique.

Whatever style you choose in the end, we are at your disposal. You will find everything you need to design your dream bathroom in our wide offer.

Good lighting is key

The key to any well-organized bathroom is lighting. Good lighting is very vital, but what’s even more important is finding the spot to place a mirror and a sink. Lighting is essential because of two things: perfect make-up and grooming spot, and a brighter bathroom that brings an airier and larger appearance. 

Choosing a bathroom faucet is not easy

Perfect bathroom decor seeks for a lot of dedicated detail selection, so don’t make the cardinal mistake of choosing the wrong faucet. Faucets give a unique expression, whether you opt for a modern design or a retro style.

When picking faucets, choose materials that are easy maintenance and that can reduce water consumption. High-pressure faucets for the sink or bathtub give a fresh look, as they are simple and make any space refined.

You can find all the listed types of faucets (mixers) in our rich offer: link

For fans of shower cabins with a slightly more elegant style, we definitely recommend shower panels.

Bathroom Shower systems

Bathrooms have different types of shower systems. You can choose a “rain head shower” with a shower rose over your head or a shower with a classic “showerhead” shower. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, shower panels are also very functional. You can choose faucets according to your wishes, plus each has additional massage jets that will make each shower comforting.

Although every woman dreams of having her own bathroom, she most probably shares it with her husband and children. Hence, a faucet a thermostatic mixer with a water heat stopper is the best option. It is ideal for a household with kids since you get to choose the water heat level, and you make sure your kids don’t get accidental burns. 


“When imagination becomes reality”


Now you realize that almost every detail counts for a perfect bathroom. From good lighting, quality faucets, tiles that are easy maintenance, furniture with enough storage space, to the spacious mirror that no woman can go without.

From a boring and unimportant room from the beginning of the story to a wellness oasis of peace where all daily stress disappears in long baths or showers – we led you through this bathroom decoration guide. 

We may not even understand the importance of a bathroom, but it is the only place in every household where days begin and end.

For easier organization and a happy ending, arrange your perfect bathroom together with us.



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