Bidet set with universal Shattaf valve for 3-in-1 concealed installation

Innovative Shattaf ceramic valve 3 in 1 with bidet function, easy installation (no water pressure and leakage). Completely minimalistic design. For hotels, homes and other buildings.

With our product, we eliminated this biggest drawback, as the shower holder is also a shut-off valve with a ceramic insert, which is first opened by tilting the hand shower forward and returning the hand shower to its original position. In this way, the entire system is constantly without water pressure and the flow of water is created only by tilting the hand shower head forward and activating the spray lever.

The set contains:

Universal Shattaf Kermic Valve 1/2″
Metal spray hose 1.25 m
Bidet shower with adjustable gentle or strong water jet or constant flow

92,35 with tax

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