Spray shower heads work like rain and have several small holes or nozzles that spray the water in a way that resembles falling raindrops. This ensures a more natural feeling when showering, as the water does not pour out from a single jet, but is evenly distributed over the body. Spraying water in this way can help reduce stress and tension and create a pleasant and luxurious experience.

New in our store are 4 mm thick spray heads. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and additionally chrome-plated.

Advantages such rain shower heads:

  1. Endurance: The 4mm thickness makes the shower head strong and resistant to normal wear and tear and corrosion.
  2. Chromed surface: The chrome plating gives the spray head a shiny and elegant look, while resisting stains and rusting.
  3. Low water consumption: Economical shower heads, despite their size, consume max. 9 liters of water per minute. Water consumption is reduced without losing quality.
  4. Even distribution of water: they enable an even distribution of water, which ensures a pleasant shower
  5. Stop-drop function – no dripping after showering
  6. Easy installation: simply screw it onto the shower pipe or wall.
  7. Aesthetic appearance: complements the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom and gives it an elegant look
  8. Easy cleaning: A chrome surface is usually quite easy to clean as stains and dirt are wiped off. Silicone nozzles make it possible easy cleaning by pulling the lower part of the shower head.
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