Creating a small bathroom according to everyone's wishes is always a big challenge! In this blog, we offer you useful ideas and tricks on how to make your bathroom more spacious and organized.

Use glass

Glass always helps to visually expand any room, so it will also create the illusion of a spacious bathroom. Don't forget to place the glass on the wall opposite your taps.

Wall units

We suggest that you equip the bathroom with wall-mounted toilets and bidets. In addition, modular wall-mounted furniture is ideal for storage due to its seamless, smooth appearance. Available in a wide range of heights, widths, depths and options, you can create and personally design custom sectional furniture that fits your bathroom perfectly.


Tiles can make a difference! As well as showing quality and sleek design, tiles can help make a bathroom look bigger and more spacious. The best trick is to use the same tiles for the floor and walls: this will visually expand your bathroom.

Add colors

Certain colors can help to make the room look optically larger. We always recommend using white, but sometimes darker colors can emphasize details and make your bathroom look visually larger.

Keep it simple

There is one rule of the designer: keep it as simple as possible. Keep your bathroom simple with soft, natural tones. Choose furniture and accessories with clean lines and keep the space as clean as possible to create the feeling of a larger space.

Bath or shower

For smaller bathrooms, we always recommend a shower, as it saves a lot of space for other furniture and appliances. Also, a glass shower will make your bathroom look more spacious. There are many tips on how to make your small bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Contact Prosan's experts for bathroom design and planning.

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