Maybe 2021 is the year you make big changes to your home decor, such as decorating and renovating your bathroom?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

Below we present to you the inspiring bathroom decorating trends that will mark the next year 2021.


New materials in modern bathrooms

Modern bathroom designs mostly feature wood, glass, panels made of various materials, but 2021 brings us a new material for decorating the bathroom: marble.


Wood is undoubtedly a material that brings the breath of nature and warmth to every room in your home and, of course, to your bathroom as well. For some time now, we have witnessed how wood has been wonderfully mixed with modern design bathroom furniture: sinks, cabinets and countertops.

Today, wood is seen in tasteful wall and floor coverings that combine with different styles of tiles to create elegant combinations that ultimately result in a modern bathroom setting.

Another upcoming trend in the use of wood in bathroom decoration is wooden pallets, as they bring natural warmth to the room and provide a pleasant feeling for bare feet.



The year 2021 will definitely mark the arrival or, rather, the return of marble in the design of bathroom equipment. As marble is a delicate and elegant material, it is becoming more and more popular among fans due to the luxurious appearance of the room.

If you want to add charm to the bathroom, decorate it with marble. The only thing you need to be careful about when choosing marble is the details. Although marble can sometimes feel a little cold, you can always warm it up with small details that we will mention later.

In addition to marble and wood, natural stone has also "imprinted" itself in next season's bathroom decor trends and will return in 2021.



A stone


It will continue to be a trendy material for designing flawless bathrooms, natural stone will also be used to design worktops and sinks, resulting from its regular use in floor and wall decors.

In combination with other expressive natural materials such as wood, stone can give the bathroom an elegant and modern look.

Colors - pleasant, discreet or vivid colors?


As for the colors, don't worry too much because all colors are always in trend. This is the only matter of bathroom decor where you can let your imagination run free.

Mix those colors that have a calming effect and will make you happy every time you step into your heavenly bathroom. The colors that stand out the most are blue (most often emerald shades), green, neutral pastel colors and, of course, the eternal, inevitable white, which can be combined with everything.

Golden details


The color gold and successively the trend of gold details will continue for years to come, and this year it managed to look as good as ever in modern bathroom designs.

Until recently, gold was considered kitsch, a color that rarely goes well with other colors and materials. But today, gold details in bathrooms are simply glorified. Whatever color or material you choose, gold goes perfectly with everything. Gold details give the bathroom a luxurious, refined and unique look, which ultimately proves what Bernard Baruch said about it:


"If gold were a bad investment, it wouldn't be worth a thousand years."


Pay attention to details


The bathroom is no longer just a place for daily hygiene needs, but also a place to escape from the daily routine. You can make this place very comfortable if you pay attention to the details.

Nowadays, the era of simply designed bathrooms, equipped just enough to suit their primary purpose, is far behind us. The latest decor and design innovations bring towel warmers, distinctive soap dispensers and TVs with furniture.

Those who like to pamper themselves with long baths these days can easily introduce things that once had no place in the bathroom.




When it comes to details, pay attention to their functionality. Nowadays, nobody has time to clean up the mess due to lack of space or functional furniture.

Choose a design that will contain enough space to store hair dryers, lotions, various creams and other things that can create unnecessary clutter.

Speaking of ample bathroom space, women can spoil their eyes in the ladies' bathroom blog.




Thanks to the rich offer, we can choose between the most classic and the most modern faucets, depending on the style we want in our bathroom.

At that time, it is best to follow the "less is more" style, while the faucet in the classic / antique / industrial style is the best option for the vintage style of decoration.

It is important to pay attention to the type of material, so aesthetics follow functionality and easy maintenance.



Timeless doubt: bath or shower?


A timeless doubt for which there is no universal solution regardless of trends, because it all depends on how much space you have for your future bathroom.

A few years ago, almost all households had comfortable bathtubs in their bathrooms, built for relaxation and long baths after hard stressful days.

But despite greater comfort, today's showers also offer many advantages. The first is that they take up less space and at the same time are spacious enough to allow you to move freely.

The decision is up to you!


Mirror and lighting


These two concepts are closely related, because we see lighting as one of the most important bathroom elements, and regardless of trends, natural daylight always comes out the best. If it is impossible, the lighting should be directed towards the mirror and the sink.

The most important aesthetic detail for a perfect bathroom is the mirror!

Whether it is wooden, golden, round or rectangular, it should adapt to the space of your bathroom to visually create a larger space.

2021 brings large mirrors, square and rectangular shapes with rounded tops. Modern mirrors with simple lines and LED lighting are still the most interesting when asked by most people.



Indispensable plants


Plants are an indispensable detail of the bathroom. In addition to enhancing your bathroom design, a houseplant is a detail that you can change seasonally. In addition to being fashionable, plants in bathrooms add style and somehow "purify the air".


We believe that we have inspired you at least a little and that you are ready to decorate your future dream bathroom. Follow the trends, but not blindly, let your imagination run wild and turn the bathroom into a space full of style and beauty.


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