In the company Prosan doo, as part of the PROSAN - E-BUSINESS 2020 project, we conducted training on the topic New models and tools for export (sales, marketing, entering new markets).

The aim of the employee training is to present the unlimited possibilities of innovation, the possibilities of participation in key work processes in the organization, the possibilities of insight into communication channels and what digital marketing and the Internet of Things bring, what the online consumer is like, what the data that they receive in the way of communication with customers means for the company. and business partners as part of electronic business can be read.               

More about the operation:

With the PROSAN - E-BUSINESS 2020 project, we want to ensure successful business on the international and regional market, and with innovative solutions and a modern user experience to ensure successful ways of doing business with existing and new customers. The planned solution will include the creation and implementation of advanced web-content solutions for effective performance and business in the target markets. The PROSAN2020 operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (EUR 29,960.00).

As a result of the implemented measures, we will have easier access to foreign markets, as we will bring our content closer to users from other EU member states and third countries. Due to the digitization of operations, it will be easier for us to penetrate foreign markets, employees will acquire new competences, all together with the goals of increasing competitiveness on the global market.

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